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For the past few days I took my time to explore the latest gadget by Google - Friend Connect. It's really interesting and complete system. For Wordpress user this is special announcement on Friend Connect.

Announcing the Google Friend Connect Wordpress Plugin. This project is 80% complete, with the addition of a few lines of code you should be able to download the beta version.

Here are the intended capabilities of this current beta version of the Friend Connect Plugin:

   1. Replace the need for the user to download the two files rpc_replay.html and canvas.html from google.
   2. Give the user a member widget and a wall widget to place on their site.
   3. Allow the user to customize the widgets colors and sizing from Wordpress

To install Google Friend Connect on a Wordpress blog with this plugin, a site owner will:

   1. Make an account with Google’s Friend Connect Service
   2. Download the GFC Plugin and enter the required two id numbers from their friend connect account
   3. Add and Layout the Member and Wall Gadgets using widgets.

This Wordpress Google Friend Connect plugin aims to make installing the Friend Connect service a snap. Future versions will concentrate on allowing easier customization directly from the back-end of your site, rather than switching back and forth between the friend connect admin pages and your sites dashboard.

First release should be by Monday, December 22nd. To find out when this is released for sure, simply use the subscribe button on the left sidebar. Social Arrow will be announcing the finish of the friend connect plugin directly on his blog.

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sandy said... @ 20 December 2008 at 21:27

waduw: english nui..

Michael Aulia said... @ 23 December 2008 at 03:15

I still can't see the use of Google Friend Connect in my blog just yet.. perhaps when they can invent some more useful widgets, I might consider installing it again on my blog

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