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I just love reading the article by Yahoo Finance on 10 ways to survive without a Bailout. It give me some great ideas to handle current global economic down turn. Most of the ideas not need extra budget and very interesting especially no. 3. I just want add one more no.11. Here I share 10 ways to survive without a Bailout.

1. Fix something. Look around your house. There are plenty of things that don't work right. You used to pay somebody else to fix things like this, or just trash the offending gizmo and buy another one. But now you're cutting back on extravagances. So find the manual, or download it, and tackle the job yourself.

2. Learn how we got into this mess. A better understanding of what happened won't end the recession, but it will make you a lot smarter about your financial life and other decisions in the future.

3. Have more sex. Consumer confidence is dismal, and we need something to feel good about. Why not sex?  If done right, it will take your mind off your dwindling retirement fund or your precarious job prospects. Another bonus: If you have a partner, it ought to be free. And if you don't have a partner, well, you didn't get this advice

4. Start a blog. Feel like adding your voice to the growing national rant? If your friends like what you have to say, your blog will gain popularity. If they don't, then it's better that you channel your vituperations into cyberspace anyway. And there's a good chance you'll discover other bloggers who feel the same way you do.

5. Solve a problem. We've all become experts at complaining about the problems. How about solving one? Start small. Mediate a family spat or help a struggling student raise his grade by a notch. So do a little something now instead of waiting for a universal solution to materialize later.

6. Make a movie. Decent digital videocameras cost less than $200, and less than $100 used. Software for adding background music and special effects is cheap, or free. Your movie doesn't have to be great - in fact, it probably won't be. But it will fire up some synapses that have been dormant or dedicated to worry, and it will be fun to see it on YouTube. Combine with No. 3 above, and you'll discover the most profitable industry on the Internet.

7. Stop using clich├ęs. Please, no more economic tsunamis or Ponzi schemes for awhile.

8. Innovate. Come up with a better way of doing something. You don't need a business plan or investors, just some keen observational powers and a bit of cleverness. Maybe there's a better way to clean up after your dog. Or get your groceries home without using plastic bags. Or plan a week's worth of school lunches for your kids. When you feel like you've actually done it, say so in your blog or just mention it to friends. Even if you don't get paid for it, you'll find it satisfying. And who knows, you might discover the kernel of a business idea.

9. Babysit for a working Mom. Everybody's got it tough. They've got it tougher. Just an hour or two of extra childcare per week could ease a great deal of stress. Tell yourself you're doing it for the children of the world. If you really want to be a saint, do it for a single working Mom.

10. Help fix capitalism. Spend your money smarter. Pay as you go. Ask a million dumb questions until you're sure you understand what you're getting into. Take intelligent risks, but ask yourself what could possibly go wrong - and have a plausible backup plan in case they do. Shame the deadbeats by outperforming and outmaneuvering them. Most of all, solve your own problems instead of hoping that somebody else will. Because there will never be a bailout big enough to cover everybody.

11. Spend more time with GOD. So far we work so hard and distance ourselve to GOD. Now the time to spend more of our time with GOD and pray all the problem will solve as soon as possible.


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