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NOW we have the perfect excuse to get down to some steamy sex in the morning – it’s good for us. That’s because sex uses every muscle group in the body and gives the heart and lungs a high-octane aerobic work-out.

1. It burns around 300 calories an hour.
2. And a good session at least three times a week boosts the heart, halving the risk of a heart attack or stroke, a study at Queen’s University in Belfast has discovered.
3. They say regular sex also boosts circulation and keeps down blood pressure.
4. Sex twice a week is the perfect COLD CURE as it boosts IgA – the immune system’s first line of defence, according to a study in New Scientist.

But don’t overdo it – sex more than three times a week LOWERS our defences. Moments before orgasm, levels of the feelgood hormone oxytocin surge and flood the body with powerful endorphins. These natural painkillers help ease everything from arthritis to migraine.

A steamy session also means we feel less stressed as it inhibits production of the hormone cortisol. And, because it provides a calorie-burning work-out and helps maintain a healthy weight, it will reduce your risk of diabetes too.

An American study of 300 sexually active women whose partners did not use condoms found they were less likely to have depression. Researchers think that is because they absorb the hormone prostaglandin, which is only found in sperm. But do not try this if you are not in a stable relationship – a sexually transmitted infection is a recipe for depression.

An orgasm will release a surge of oestrogen, which can relieve the pain of PMS.

Researchers at Yale School of Medicine believe it could also help prevent endometriosis – a painful condition where the tissue which should line the womb grows in other parts of the pelvis. Apart from the benefits of the work-out, sex boosts the production of testosterone. This hormone is associated with stronger bones and muscles so may help fend off osteoporosis. Sex also increases the output of oestrogen and other hormones that make the hair shine and skin glow.

And, according to NHS Direct, “if you are worried about wrinkles – orgasms even help prevent frown lines deepening”.

source : thesun

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