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It’s tough to escape swine flu headlines these days. You may be wondering what this flu outbreak means for travel. Here’s what you need to know.

First, we urge travellers to remain calm and to stay informed. Learn what the various alerts and warnings mean for you. For example, the WHO’s alert status is now at level 5-6. This means simply that human-to-human transmission has occurred in more than one country. Level 6, the ‘pandemic’ phase, means that human-to-human transmission has occurred in more than one global region. It does not imply anything like universal transmission.

Similarly, many people have been concerned about the state of emergency declared in the USA and some US states. It’s important to note that a state of emergency is a legal term that defines what the government can and cannot do in specific situations. Nations declare states of emergency in order to access funds and other resources to respond to risks. A state of emergency is not an invitation to panic.

We don’t think that fear and panic are particularly helpful - but we certainly do advise prudence and caution. The WHO continues to emphasise that no restrictions on travel are necessary. However, the Centers for Disease Control advise reconsidering nonessential travel to Mexico.

So far none cases reported in Indonesia. All traveller are save to visit Indonesia.

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